was a work in progress from May '98 to September '99 created by Fabiana de Barros with the collaboration of Michel Favre, webmaster Kevin Rollin and the public:

was my studio of vulnerability. In this space, I pinned on pictures, videos, sounds and texts that I created in relation to the discussions held during my
rendez-vous. These creations were also related to things that I saw during my strolls through the Territory.

See you in september - during July / August '98, the artist was sleeping in her studio of vulnerability.

was a chat-room (click to see an inoperative version of it) where visitors could discuss vulnerability with

artist inside
the chatroom
artist outside
the chatroom

There, visitors were able to send me messages about vulnerability
(click to see an inoperative version of it).
These messages were published afterwards and became to myself sources of inspirations to create in

was a work linked to vulnerables that was presented at the 24th biennal of São Paulo in the web art section.
You can visit it from the Territory of public objects.

vulnerables was an art web site created for the exhibition THE EDGE OF AWARENESS organized by Adelina von Fürstenberg, curator of the exhibition and President of Art for The World, in commemoration of the 50th Anniversary of The World Health Organization.

This itinerant exhibition began at WHO - Geneva in May 1998 and then travelled to New York - PS1 (sept.. 98), São Paulo - SESC Pompéia (dec. 98) and New Delhi - Museum of Contemporary Art (march 99). vulnerables was on-line during each exhibition, each time with new elements.

Fabiana de Barros was born in 1957 in São Paulo. She lives and works in Geneva. She creates interventions and performances which are all "works in progress", continuing and transforming themselves from one exhibition to another. During this process, she uses various mechanisms to establish an individual relationship with each visitor. Following her "Tours du Monde", a project involving displacement in space and in time around a few large towers at various points of the globe, she created a weird travel agency called Aller/Re-Tour. This agency offered visitors a motionless trip in which Fabiana de Barros talked with them and showed them drawings and paintings.